Wallace Cooper Scott III  (October 1, 1931 - November 18, 2021)
Wallace Cooper Scott III (Cooper) of Fairfax Station, VA, passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 18, 2021. He is survived by two sons, Wallace Scott, of Fairfax, VA, and Chris Scott, of Newtown PA, and a sister Joanne Phillips, of Bluffton SC; three loving grandchildren; as well as many friends and other relatives; He is predeceased by a son, Lee, and his wife of 63 years Joe Ann Scott, and 3 brothers, David, Ronald, and Bill.
Cooper graduated With Distinction from the Naval Academy in 1953. That was also the year of the birth of his first son. He was 93rd in a class of 925 graduates. From there he launched his career in the Air Force. A few years later, he achieved a master’s degree from MIT. As an aeronautical engineer, he launched satellites. These satellites were used to gather intel during the Cold War era and spot oil slicks on the oceans to help ameliorate environmental disasters, among other uses.
He was very involved in the lives of his sons, often playing golf with one son and coaching a basketball team for years with another son. Early in life led the singing at the small Church of Christ in Manchester that we attended. He had a fine singing voice. He was an avid classical music aficionado and collected thousands of CDs. In his later life, before dementia began to set in, he increased his Bible reading in order to become closer to God. He loved my mother, he loved his extended family, he loved his sons, and he loved God. He will be sorely missed.
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